A Beginners Guide to USA Casinos

Our beginners guide to USA casinos will answer all your important questions such as where are the best online casinos, can players from the USA gamble at online casinos, which online casinos are best suited for blackjack tournaments and slots tournaments.

Can players from the USA gamble online?
Yes, but locating the few casinos that do allow American players is very important. Two vital platforms, namely Vegas Tech software platform and Real Time Gaming (RTG) software platform do allow US players to gamble.

Then, should I opt for Real Time Gaming (RTG) or Vegas Tech?
Both platforms have their advantages. Since Vegas Tech offers large bonuses and focuses mainly on slots players, you can use these offers to your advantage if you love slots tournaments and want huge bonuses upon joining. However, if you are from the US and are more into blackjack tournaments, and love casinos that offer a huge selection and bonuses for table games, then you might prefer RTG casinos.

Which top Vegas Tech casinos are best suited for American players?

Go Casino and Online Vegas are two of the best Vegas Tech casinos that allow American players to gamble. Vegas Tech does offer a wide range of stunning slots games that offer better visual quality as compared to many international sites.

There are many similarities between Go Casino and Online Vegas such as having similar slots tournament schedules, similar 9 level reward programs with bonuses as well as cash back features, and both offer a similar progressive jackpot pool worth millions of Dollars.

However, both these casinos do differ in offering welcome bonuses. While Go Casino offers bonuses of up to $20,000 for new players, Online Vegas offers up to $5,000. If you thought that this makes for an easy choice then you should consider that there is much more to these casinos than simply welcome bonuses.

The welcome bonus scheme of Online Vegas offers an upfront amount of $1,575 against your first 3 deposits when they total up to $1,000 that translates to an overall bonus of 120%. This, in turn offers an excellent payout for players that start out on an average budget since each deposit need not be over $500.

Go Casino welcomes new players with a 100% welcome bonus up to $1,000 on the initial 20 deposits. You could earn up to $3,000 on your initial 3 deposits but you will also need to deposit big money in your account. While high rollers might find this offer to be much more advantageous, players that want to start out with smaller deposits might be more comfortable with the initial 3 bonuses offered by Online Vegas.

US players will anyway enjoy playing at Go Casino and Online Vegas since both are completely dependable. You will simply need to weigh your budget and requirements before your decide on which casino best suits your playing needs.

Which Real Time Gaming casinos are best suited for American players?
The best in RTG casinos for American players are Planet 7 Casino and Bodog Casino. RTG casinos offer some of the widest range of online games as well as juicy progressive jackpots. Although such jackpots are focused mainly on slots games, you can still seek out select table games that offer jackpots that are worth tens of thousands of US Dollars.

Most US players would already know Bodog Casino thanks to their Bodog sportsbook or Bodog Poker Advertising venture. Bodog does offer a wonderful casino that is actually one-step ahead of a RTG based casino that allows Bodog to offer improved player experience. This includes a browser based software version along with the downloadable version. Other RTG casinos lack the browser-based option offered by Bodog. Bodog also offers an outstanding customer-support service that is sure to be loved by novice online players.

High rollers that want to play from the US will love Planet 7 Casino since this casino will allow them to use their American Express card, which is quite rare in online gambling, as well as offer huge high roller bonuses that simply cannot be matched by most casinos. If you meet their Playthrough requirements then you can withdraw money from your account after utilizing the bonuses for additional casino credit over your deposited money. High rollers in the mood to splurge hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a betting session will be happy to receive bonuses of up to 150% against their deposits, some of which can touch $10,000.

Which online casinos offer the best blackjack tournaments for American players?
Live blackjack tournaments are offered by Rushmore Casino as well as Cherry Red Casino and both accept American players. Although both are Real Time Gaming Casinos, their blackjack tournaments do not feature in their routine casino software. Instead, these casinos call upon players to create a different blackjack tournament username that is unchangeable so that players can learn about the strategies of other players. If you change your username then other players will not be able to learn more about your playing style.

Cherry Red and Rushmore both offer Sit and Go tournaments (SnGs) as well as multi table tournaments (MTTs). SnGs can be played at any time once the fixed numbers of players have virtually assembled. MTTs on the other hand might start on a fixed time but have higher amounts as prizes since many players could join in just before a game. Some MTT blackjack tournaments can offer prize pools of over $20,000 dollars.

Which top casinos are best suited for American tournament slots players?
Online Vegas and Go Casino offer slots tournaments every month that are loaded with massive prize pools that are also guaranteed, and these often touch half a million dollars. Even though other international casinos offer higher prize amounts, these tournaments are spread over many months, and anyway most of these casinos do not allow US players to bet. On the other hand, American players are happily accepted at Online Vegas and Go Casino, and players can also get rewarded with huge prizes every week instead of receiving huge prizes only a few times in a year.

Go Casino as well as Online Vegas runs a major tournament each month that has a prize pool ranging from $100,000 to $200,000. This tournament could last for a week and in addition, on weekends they run Weekend Madness tournaments with an additional $50,000 prize pool other than the main event that is split in $30,000 as regular prize money plus $20,000 as bonus prize money. To top it all, they also feature slots tournaments and video poker tournaments on a daily basis where the prize pools top thousands of US dollars.

The best aspect of these casinos is that they usually offer free initial entry at their slots tournaments. Even though players still need to pay for rebuys, each player that plays with real money has an equal chance of winning that tournament even without depositing a cent into the prize pool. It might simply turn out to be a shot in the dark, but you cannot ignore the fact that you stand a chance to win some serious money without any investment at all, and that too once or twice every month at Go Casino as well as Online Vegas!

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