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Blackjack is not only the most popular casino game in actual casinos in the United States, but online blackjack rules in the online betting world too. Blackjack seems to have been derived from French card games including “chemin de fer”. This game was popular in French Casinos in the 1700s and was known as 21 in those times.

Screenshot of Online Blackjack
Screenshot of Online Blackjack from Go Casino

Blackjack arrived at US shores way back in early 1800s, but it took another century to be played in casinos. In fact, casinos put up 10 to 1 odds on scoring 21 with the Ace of Spades or with any of the 2 black Jack cards of the pack in order to attract players. The popularity of Blackjack has now spread over the online world of betting too.

In the game of Blackjack, up to seven players sit at the table whilst facing the dealer and play against the dealer instead of each other or other players at that table.

Players need to ensure that they hold two or more cards at end of play, the total of which does not exceed 21, but that total should still be more than that of the dealer. A player gets odds of 3 to 2 if he or she wins the “blackjack” with two cards that contain any 10 value card with an ace, which in turn totals to 21, while other winning combinations get paid at even money.

Variations of Blackjack

Online blackjack has several variants including Single Deck Blackjack, Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack, etc. You can learn more at where several variations of online blackjack are mentioned in detail.

Blackjack Card Values

While an Ace is valued at 1 or 11, picture cards such as Jack, Queen, and King are valued at 10, while number cards have the same pip values. A player can value any ace that he has at 1 or 11 and can change his mind at any time of the game too. However, the Ace is always valued at 11 for the dealer if the total count is 17 or higher: for instance, a 6 along with an Ace must be valued at 17 for the dealer.

Layout of the Table

The Blackjack table itself is of curved design and quite simple, with the dealer on one side and up to seven players on the other side. Players are required only to sit and bet at the betting square during the game.

The dealer always deals to his or her left and even though this system does not affect the chances of any player on the table in a positive or negative manner, experienced players usually try to avoid sitting on the last seat while playing at actual casinos or even at online ones.

Dealers shuffle up to eight packs of cards in Blackjack and the player that cuts the pack places an indicator card in the combined pack of cards.

The cards below the indicator card that is usually inserted a few cards upwards from the bottom of the pack are not used while the dealer places cards in a face down position in a dealing show after completing the cut. Each player also places the minimum bet as stipulated by the table in the square before them, before the cards are dealt.

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