Craps Basics
The come-out Roll
Betting Options

Craps is thought to have emerged from the Middle East and the English too played them through the crusades. The current layout of Craps is based on the changes made by John Winn in 1907 that brought in an option in betting that the dice would lose. The “don’t pass” box was introduced in the initial layout and was called the Philadelphia Layout since it was the city of origin. This layout is still used in casinos located all around the world.

Screenshot of Online Craps
Screenshot of Online Craps from Go Casino

Craps is played on a long green or blue colored table with a baize border and with two dice. The name of the game is thought to come from the English word “crabs” and the throws 2, 3, or 12 are considered as losing throws. Craps can be played by any number of players. However, players cannot play with each other and each player needs to play only against the house.

While playing online craps, you can turn into a “shooter”, that is a player allowed to throw the dice. The play passes towards the left. A new shooter will get to choose two dice out of three before the first and following throws. The first roll of a shooter is called “the come out roll” and with an exception of that roll, any time the shooter’s throw results in a seven, then his turn ends.

The dice thrown by the “shooter” must travel right across the length of the craps table and must bounce off the opposite wall before it can be considered as a valid throw.

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