Basically slot machine is a casino gambling machine having more than two or three reels that spin when any body pushes a button. Slot machines consist of  a currency detector that checks the coin or money which gets inserted by players. Slot machine gambling is very popular among casiono gambling players. Its income covers more than 65 percent of the average casino’s income.

There are many such attractive functions in slot machine gambling that force players to get attracted towards it like it has very eye catching and pleasant graphics and colors. The music in video slot machine gambling is very attractive, seductive and convincing. Slot machine gambling requires no skill that any kind of person can play it. The jackpots provided by slot machines are huge that can change any player’s life.

There are many kinds of slot machine gambling like
–    Cluedo slot machine gambling.
–    Kitty glitter slot machine gambling.
–    Monopoly slot machine gambling.
–    Bingo slot machine gambling.

How to play different slot machine gambling games?

First we discuss about cluedo slot machine gambling. In this players try to solve murder mystery.Player enters the cluedo mansion and he/she gets number of suspects and lots of murder weapons at the murder site. Its characters are very similar to board games. Murder suspects are Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green, and Colonel Mustard. Murder weapons are the candlestick, the lead pipe and the revolver. And there are some mysterious rooms like library and study. It is having very thrilling sound effects and an eye catcher graphics, with well represented symbols which are easy to distinguish. In this game player selects a murderer, the room and the murder weapon, then finally a bonus multiplier. If the player is not impressed by the first bonus he/she gets, then it can be rejected by player. Player can have up to three tries. The biggest prize a player can collect on the bonus game is 2,250 coins.

Now about Kitty glitter slot machine gambling. It is generally played in clubs and bars. It is now available on internet. Players can play it online.  The characters of the game are the four different cats that appear when you spin, and some traditional symbols. These symbols are Siamese and three other furballs. The heaviest cat is the best. It has auto spin option. In this player has to collect three diamond pot symbols. It is a five reel slot.

In monopoly slot machine gambling player becomes a property tycoon, and he/she buys streets and makes wealth. It has 5 reels. While playing the game player rolls the dice. Whenever player lands on one of the properties, he/she earns the cash amount on that property. There are some difficulties in the way of player like player has to take a “Chance” or “Community Chest” card. “Going to Jail” means player’s winnings get disappeared. There are some interesting features in monopoly slot machines like a player can gamble any thing that he/she has won by  picking red or black from a deck of cards and can double the amount. The basic feature of this machine is the bonus the player gets on board.

Bingo slot machines can be played anywhere. It is a social game. Now we can play it online on internet or on mobile phones also. This game is made according to our social attitude and culture. Bingo slot machines are legal.  It is basically a card game. In this, twenty five cards are set in a five by five formation. The reader calls out the cards and the rest of the players watch their tickets and mark the numbers called out. If player finds any of the winning formations, then he can call out and claim his prize.

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