Jackpot Roulette Online


Jackpot Roulette is another new variation of standard online Roulette games. It’s a fairly new addition to the list of online Roulette variations as it was introduced to online casinos in the last few years. It’s quite different from all other forms of the game, though it’s still provides players with plenty of fun as it adds a degree of competition to the game and a major cash jackpot to be won by one lucky player.

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How to Play Jackpot Roulette

This variation of online Roulette is very easy to play, as it’s a simple combination of standard European Roulette and a lottery style bonus game. The main objective is to earn points while playing the online Roulette game so that you can gain a chance to pick a box from the jackpot grid.

Once you start playing this online Roulette game, you’ll immediately notice the addition of a box filled with 400 covered squares. This is the jackpot grid and will earn you special prizes. Start things off by placing your bets on a standard European Roulette table. For each €1 you wager on this game, you will earn 1 point. Your goal is to earn 3000 points to get the chance to choose a square from the jackpot grid. That doesn’t mean that you’ll need to wager ?‚¬3000. It means that you’ll get a point for every dollar that is played in the game, meaning that you’ll be recycling bets as you win or lose.

Once you’ve accumulated your 3000 points, you can choose a square from the jackpot grid to earn a bonus prize. Of course, you’ll be aiming for the cash jackpot that gets bigger and bigger with each player placing their bets. You’ll be able to see other players selecting squares from the grid in an effort to snatch the massive jackpot. This is where the competition comes in, as you’ll want to beat them to it. So, accumulate your points as fast as you can so that you don’t miss out on the available cash jackpot.

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