Roulette Bingo Online


Since gambling made the leap to the Internet around the late 1990s, many classic casino games have not only been transferred to digital versions, but they have also been tweaked to offer new versions that feature unique twists. Roulette Bingo online is one of these variations. Introduced in 2009, it’s a pretty new online casino game that takes the best online Bingo and the best online Roulette to create a hybrid game that introduces fans of both games to a fantastic new creation.

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How to Play Roulette Bingo Online

This game couldn’t be easier to play. If you understand the basic procedures of both online Roulette and online Bingo then you’ll be able to learn and play this new game in no time.

Players kick things off just as they would in Bingo – by purchasing a ticket. Though Roulette Bingo online tickets are a little different, as they look similar to an online Roulette table. The numbers are those that you would find in Roulette, meaning that your ticket(s) will have the numbers 0 through 36 printed on them. They will also be black or red just like the numbers in online Roulette.

Once the game starts, you’ll see that the traditional bingo balls and caller have been replaced by a single white Roulette ball and a Roulette wheel. This is how the numbers are called. Much like online Roulette, the white ball will be dropped onto the spinning Roulette wheel. Whichever numbered pocket the ball lands in is the Bingo number that’s called out. For example, if the Roulette ball lands on green 0, all players with a green 0 on their cards will mark it off as they would in traditional Bingo.

There are different winning combinations, such as marking off two numbers in a line or marking off all numbers on the card. In some online casinos, the player’s numbers are represented by chips on a Roulette table and as the numbers are called the chips are removed from the table. The first player to remove all their chips wins.

It’s that simple to play Roulette Bingo Online. It’s a fun hybrid game that gives players a little something different. Check out our Online Roulette Games for more information on the other online Roulette variations that can be found at many online casinos, or check out our list of top online casinos to get started playing right away!

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